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Chief Scientist

Dr. Geoff Crowley was named chief scientist of Arcfield following the company’s November 2023 acquisition of Orion Space Solutions (Orion). As chief scientist, Geoff is charged with leading the company’s research and development efforts and overseeing the application of science across the entirety of the Arcfield business.

Geoff founded Orion, previously known as Atmospheric & Space Technology Research Associates, in 2005 and served as CEO of the company for more than 18 years. As an accomplished entrepreneur with a proven track record of technology development and commercialization success, Geoff brings his passion for applying scientific knowledge and engineering principles to solve real-world problems to work with him every day.

Prior to launching Orion, Geoff spent nine years at the Southwest Research Institute serving first as a senior research scientist, then a principal scientist and finally as a staff scientist. Earlier in his career, Geoff worked at the National Center for Atmospheric Research; as a contractor at the Air Force Research Laboratory; and was a senior research scientist at The Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory.

Geoff earned his Ph.D. in ionospheric physics from the University of Leicester, UK and a bachelor’s degree in physics from the University of Durham, UK. He has published more than 150 scientific articles on his research into space physics and space weather, establishing his experience and credibility in these fields. He currently serves as co-chair of the National Academy of Science Space Weather Roundtable.

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