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When data is left vulnerable, nefarious actors can wreak havoc on your organization’s operations and reputation. PuriFile® by Arcfield combats today’s evolving cyber threats, allowing your enterprise to operate business openly, flexibly and without fear. Our military-grade data exfiltration and threat infiltration technology sanitizes digital files across multiple domains to protect your sensitive data and networks. 

Open without fear

At its core, PuriFile leverages deep content inspection to find hidden data that could be exfiltrated. It then validates the contents of the file to ensure any malware present is removed and eliminates the potential of zero-day threats, resulting in confident collaboration, trusted transactions and assured operations across the entire enterprise. Awarded multiple patents and industry awards, PuriFile is trusted by members of the U.S. Intelligence Community and Department of Defense to help them achieve compliance with their cyber mandates. 






PuriFile Overview

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PuriFile License Model

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Trusted collaboration

PuriFile protects data shared across networks and the internet, eradicating intended or accidental threats and preventing damaging data leaks. Easily scalable for large file stores, cloud security and commercial mail applications, PuriFile seamlessly integrates with industry-leading security tools–delivering a “defense in depth” solution for customers demanding a robust security posture to protect their critical information.

Confident transactions

Current off-the-shelf malware protection technology identifies, confirms and quarantines files containing malicious software, halting business transactions. PuriFile enables constant business flow by quickly analyzing files, removing malware—including unknown or undetected zero-day vulnerabilities and those without an official patch—and safely transmitting cleansed data to its destination without slowing down vital business transactions.

Assured operations

PuriFile eliminates risk with the ability to find and cleanse more than 95% of malicious content that cannot otherwise be detected. When paired with third-party anti-virus solutions, PuriFile increases the ability to detect and remove threats by 45%. PuriFile is constantly evolving with enhancements to help combat current and emerging threats. The latest version identifies potential vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office, Apache OpenOffice, Adobe, image files, archived files, and many compressed formats.

Awards and recognition

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Best Data Loss Prevention Software

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Industry Innovator

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