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In a rapidly evolving threat landscape, traditional document-intensive systems engineering methods can no longer keep up. As system complexity increases, costs to keep documentation current and integrated climb, the probability of errors grows, project timelines extend and hours engineers spend sifting through countless program documents rise when they should be doing what they do best: engineering.  

Leveraging MBSE to advance the mission  

Arcfield’s MBSE solution simplifies the dynamic challenges faced by our government customers, which means improved decision-making, greater accuracy, long-term cost savings, and most importantly, accelerated mission success. 

A proprietary approach to MBSE 

Arcfield’s digital engineering ecosystem—an integrated infrastructure of curated modeling, simulation and data visualization engineering tools—can generate a high-fidelity digital twin of a system with traceability spanning the entire engineering life cycle. With end-to-end project management from product definition and concept phases through production and disposal, we guarantee a single source of truth that reliably serves as an authoritative description of the system at any instance in the development process.  

An expert team

Arcfield maintains a robust team of highly qualified modelers with OMG-Certified SysML Professional (OCSMP), AGI System Tool Kit (STK) and MathWorks MATLAB certifications and decades of proven systems engineering and integration (SE&I) experience. Our dedicated staff are available to work onsite with our government customers to provide hands-on digital engineering expertise and trusted mission support as an extension of their teams.

Committed to the future of engineering 

Arcfield has invested in innovative solutions to make MBSE-driven digital engineering accessible to government stakeholders. With more than 64 years of experience providing SE&I services in support of our nation’s most critical space, defense and intelligence missions, we have instantiated a complete digital engineering ecosystem of integrated processes, technologies and data that can adapt to current and future system requirements. 

Digital Engineering Ecosystem

Arcfield’s digital engineering ecosystem provides an integrated suite of modeling and simulation software that supports system requirements, design, analysis, verification, validation and data visualization across the entire system development life cycle. 

infographic showing digital engineering ecosystem

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